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Giulia Clemente – Teacher’s Testimonial

Take a look on what our teacher Giulia has to say!

“When the COVID-19 pandemic gave us no choice but to move our classes online, we accepted the challenge with courage. It’s been evenings of webinars and tutorials, trials of videoconferencing between classes and teachers’ room, some experiments that turned out well, while others…not so much. We had one clear aim: to learn how to host engaging online classes so as not to disappoint our students. Very quickly, we turned our cameras on and welcomed our students to theirs and our first online class.

Since then, I’ve learnt and I’m still learning a lot. There obviously have been ups and downs, but a thorough planning and a good balance of old mixed with a hint of new every day have proven to be my recipe to success. Today, my students and I are surely more relaxed when using the online environment. We are making the best of the variety of resources we can access online, also thanks to all the generous organisations that have made quality learning materials available for free. We continue to have fun, learn and laugh just as we did face to face, supporting one another and feeling proud of ourselves for our new found IT skills.

These unprecedented times, which have been very humbling for everyone, showed once more how learning never stops and how it is rarely a one-directional process. We are all in this together.”

Giulia Clemente

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