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Virtual Classes – Teacher’s Testimonial

Take a look on what our teacher Pati has to say!

“Online classes have certainly been a learning curve for both teachers and students, and one that I believe will impact us all very positively in the future. Creativity, resourcefulness and student enthusiasm are definitely key to a successful online learning environment.

As teachers we’ve had to hone in on our creativity skills to come up with new and interesting ways to deliver classes to keep students motivated, inspired, and learning. This isn’t always easy, but it has definitely given us an insight into the plethora of online material and resources available for the ESL community – and is something I believe all teachers will incorporate more of once this pandemic is over.

As a teacher, I definitely miss the face to face interactions that a regular class brings, but I feel that both myself and my students have adapted incredibly well to their new online learning environment – we are very lucky to have such an amazing bunch of students at Times Academy! Keep up the good work guys, you’re doing great!”

Pati Thompson

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