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Virtual Classes – Teacher’s Testimonial

Virtual Classes – Teacher’s Testimonial 

Take a look on what our teacher Aitana has to say!

“Two weeks ago, travel restrictions and social distancing changed the way we teach, our sector has been required to re-imagine teaching and still move forward successfully with our lessons and learning outcomes.
There is always something scary and exciting about trying out new things, but I decided to take it with the best possible attitude.

Teaching online has its ups and downs and both my students and I are still adapting to it, but we are trying to look at the positive side and the benefits of learning online, taking advantage of the endless platforms available to practise and improve language skills.
I am trying to keep everyone motivated and to still surprise and motivate my students to fuel creativity in the classroom; it is getting easier now, we are all adapting and getting excited for the days to come.

Using education technology will benefit both teachers and students, and the lessons we learn now can transform the classroom of the future. Let’s remember that even when we’re online, we are all in this together. “

Aitana Ospina

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