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Choosing the Right English Proficiency Test

Being proficient in a language can be useful in many different situations. If you want to study or work overseas and you are not a native speaker of its mother language, you might be requested to present a proficiency test to prove your skills in this language. Proficiency tests usually have two versions: Academic and […]

When Passion Becomes Profession

Childhood Education was Julie’s passion: she found in this profession the opportunity to travel the world, discovering new cultures and even giving her the chance to work with celebrities’ children. Do you know that feeling of being so inspired by someone’s life, that you just want to become a better version of yourself? Our students’ can […]

New Partnership with UNE
New Partnership with the University of New England

Times Academy continues to grow and prosper and announces a new partnership with the University of New England. A new partnership with the University of New England is the latest highlight of our week.  Now, the students who complete the required level at TA’s English for Academic Purposes course will be deemed as having the […]

The Artists of Education

Is teaching an Art or a Science? We might never get the answer, but something everyone agrees with is that in our lives we all had teachers who taught boring subjects and turned them into a masterpiece of knowledge. If you stop right now and analyse the learning experiences you’ve had so far, the chances […]

The 4’s C’s of EAP: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication

Using the latest innovative research in Australia on transforming schools, researchers are taking creativity, critical reflections, communication and collaboration and giving teachers coherence makers to bridge the gaps between the ideals and the implementation in the classroom.  Times Academy is using this research from Dr Michael Anderson from the University of Sydney and work they […]