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Aboriginal excursion with Uncle Jimmy!

Aboriginal excursion with Uncle Jimmy!

The purpose of this excursion is to support students to develop a cultural safety plan for their Early Childhood Centre as part of their assessment work. The students are required to engage with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to establish key aspects of the cultural safety plan.

Uncle Jimmy Smith is a cultural educator and is passionate about taking our early childhood students out of the college and show them his culture through hands-on experiences, including walks through the Botanical gardens and trips to the Art Gallery of NSW and the newly renovated Australian Museum.

The students learn about the history, customs, artwork, bush medicine and bush tucker, sustainability and may other aspects of Aboriginal culture. The students come away with a deep understanding of the importance of sharing their newfound knowledge with children, families and other educators at their early childhood centres, in particular the respect that should be shown to all our First Nations people and their culture.

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