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COVID Shut Down Q&A

1.What is happening?

A person in the building tested positive for Delta variant of COVID19. The person was on the upper floors of the building and would not have used the same lifts as Times Academy staff and students. As this this is highly contagious, Times Academy is being very careful and has cancelled classes this week and will start online classes from next week. 

2. How long will the college be closed?

Classes are cancelled for Thursday June 24 and Friday June 25.

From Monday June 28 to Friday July 9, classes will be online.

We plan to have classes back on campus on Monday July 12. 

3. What should I do?

If you came to the school any time from June 21, 2021, you should monitor for symptoms, self-isolate and get tested for COVID19. 

Send a screenshot of your COVID test result to 

4. What will happen next Monday?

Your teacher will send you a Zoom link and you will join classes online. Your teacher will also send you study materials. You are asked to contact or your teacher to get instructions on how to participate in your online classes. 

5. How can I get more information about this?

Check for updates and more information on Facebook: 

 If you need more information or help from the school, please email us at 

 For more information about Sydney hotspots or restrictions, please visit: 

For more information about COVID19 and ways to prevent the spread in the community, please visit 

If you have covid symptoms, you can find out how and where to get tested here: 

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