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Q&A With Paul – Our Aged Care Student

Our first intake of Aged Care has just started, and we thought it was a nice idea to follow up with our students on what are their perceptions about their first weeks of studies.

Paul comes from Ecuador. He is only 20 but sounds like a very confident and experienced professional. He told us a little bit about what made him choose this course and what are his plans for the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Paul, I’m 20 years old and I come from Ecuador.

How long have you been in Australia for?

I’ve been in Australia for almost one year now.

Why have you decided to study Aged Care?

I always wanted to be able to help people, so this is why I decided to study something related to health.

Why Aged Care and not Childcare?

From my point of view, elderly people are the ones who need the most. So I believe that by studying Aged Care I would be able to make the difference on someone’s life.

What are you thinking about the course so far?

I really like the course actually. I didn’t know we would start practical lessons right away, which was a very nice surprise. The work placement is helping me a lot to assimilate the content.

Aged Care Room

What do you think about the facilities?

The facilities are great! The classroom has pretty much everything we need and it is very similar to what we have to use in a nursing home.

How are the classes structured?

We have classes 3 times a week. On Mondays we have lectures, on Tuesdays we work on our assignments and on Fridays we do work placement.

Does everyone go to the same place?

Yes, we all go to the same place, but we work in different areas. Some of us might assist with dementia, others with disabilities. We work a lot and it is everything very practical. I enjoy it a lot because it is a great way to understand the content.

Is the work placement paid?

No, it is not paid, but it gives you the opportunity to get a better job later because you’ll already have the experience.

How is the industry in Australia?

I think Australia has plenty of opportunities in this area. My trainer keeps reminding us about how much Australia cares about their elders and how much the government supports this profession. I think it is really good for us.

Do you think you could use what you learnt here in your home country?

Yes, definitely. I studied to be a support nurse before coming to Australia, so I am actually specialising here. I believe that all this knowledge will be very useful for my future career.

Do you think your experience helped you with the course?

Yes, I already had knowledge about infection control, applying medication etc.

Paul - Aged Care Student


Name: Paul
Age: 20 years old
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Course of choice: Ageing Support

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