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Choosing the Right English Proficiency Test

Being proficient in a language can be useful in many different situations. If you want to study or work overseas and you are not a native speaker of its mother language, you might be requested to present a proficiency test to prove your skills in this language.

Proficiency tests usually have two versions: Academic and General. The first focuses on situations in which you must use the language on its most formal spectrum, as well as dealing with technical information. On the other hand, the latter evaluates your ability to use the language in day-to-day situations, such as reading the newspaper, chatting informally to people about a range of different topics or watching a TV show.

Language proficiency exams have become more popular due to globalisation, where moving overseas for study, migrating and working purposes is relatively common. Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK are just a few of the places that require this kind of document.

Each idiom has a different type of exam, and it couldn’t be any different for English. The most recognised exams for the language are IELTS, TOEFL, CAE and PTE, but there are many others as well.

Course Overview

Which Test I Should Take

Many aspects should be considered when picking the perfect test for you. Your choice will depend on what your objectives are, how many time you have and what are your strengths and weaknesses in the idiom. Also, when applying for a university, you must double-check their entry requirements. Some institutions might not accept all tests.

People who are really shy might feel intimidated by IETLS’s face-to-face speaking interview. Those who have a low tone of voice can find it difficult to meet PTE’s recording requirements. The same can happen for people who have a really thick accent since the computer might not recognise their pronunciation. If you are not the tech-savvy type of person, you should definitely avoid computer-based exams. However, if you are running short of time, PTE would be the best pick since you can book and sit the exam in 24 hours and get the results within 5 days.

Overall, IELTS is the most widely accepted test in Australia for immigration and study reasons. Currently, they are the largest proficiency test providers in the world, and only last year over 3 million people took the exam.

Getting Prepared for the Exam

Whichever your choice is, you should allow yourself some time to study and prepare properly. These tests are never easy, and they are far from being cheap. Taking a preparation test course is also a smart decision since they will give you the hints you need to achieve the best result within your capacities.

At Times Academy we offer a range of test preparation courses, such as IELTS, Cambridge * and PTE *. To enrol in any of these courses, students must be at least 18 years old and have an intermediate level of English. You can find out your current English level by taking our online test.

If you are interested in studying for your proficiency test with us, you can fill out our application form and get in touch with our team. We will be more than happy to help you to succeed in your goals.

*Courses’ availability will depend on the number of students enrolled.

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