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Together For A Better Environment – Bronte Beach Clean Up

The environment had a little help from our students, who spent the day picking up all the rubbish they could find in Bronte Beach.

We all know that access to high-quality education is one of the top reasons why people choose Australia as a destination to experience life overseas. But the Australian nature is by far the most important aspect mentioned by international students. Stunning beaches, wildlife and good weather are decisive for the public who wants to study, but also enjoy life.

The fact that this country is still surrounded by natural beauty is directly related to the natives’ habits. Australian people are really conscious about their natural resources and they learn at an early age how to look after the planet. You can notice this aspect of the local culture when you visit the Australian beaches. In general, they are all really clean and the sea has crystal-clear water. However, in those regions with a high concentration of backpackers, you can find rubbish left by the visitors.

The council does a pretty good job of picking up most of it, but it is still possible to spot cigarette filters, bottle caps and other things that are detrimental to the environment.

We all know that our planet is in danger and it is up to us to protect it from further issues. We cannot ignore the fact that plenty of wildlife is now suffering the effects of an environmental crisis and simple gestures can avoid global catastrophes.

This is why Times Academy and We Move for the Planet gathered together to promote a Beach Clean Up in Bronte, one of the prettiest beaches in Sydney. A group of 100 people, including students from all General English and HSP classes, united efforts to pick up all the rubbish they could find. At first sight, the participants thought it wasn’t anything to be cleaned, but, surprisingly, the amount of rubbish collected was disturbing.

Prior to the action, our teachers explained in class the importance of keeping everything clean here, and guys like these ones are the most significant reasons to do so:

(Rainbow Lorikeet, Koala, Dolphin and Cockatoo)

Birds, marine life and other animals can easily mistake rubbish for food and it can seriously harm them. That is why illegal dumping is considered a serious offence in Australia. This can lead you to the payment of massive fines or even go to jail.

Our English programs, focused on morals and values, encourage students to take care of the environment, respect the local community and understand Australian habits. This way, we believe our students can enjoy and learn the most from this international experience.

Another thing that we focus on is the concept of fun learning. After the hard work of our team, we ended the day enjoying games and activities with the stunning scenery of Bronte Beach, accompanied by a real Australian delicacy: “a snag on the barbie”, prepared by our teachers.


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