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Culture Day 2019

The last days of March were really exciting at Times Academy. Our ELICOS students enjoyed our annual Culture Day Party, exchanging knowledge about their home country’s traditions.

Studying overseas is an experience that is capable of changing one’s life forever. When we leave our home country, we cannot even imagine how many different people will cross your path and how much we can actually learn from them.

Every day, dozens of people arrive in Australia with the same objective: learn a new language. These people come from all parts of the globe, willing to try different things and expand their circle of friends. During their time here, they will probably bump into people with the same background, but also into people who come from the opposite part of the world. The second scenario is definitely what makes the experience of living abroad so exciting.

Here at Times Academy, there are students from a variety of places in Europe, Asia and South America. To give them all the chance of meeting each other better, we organise an annual event called Culture Day. This party celebrates diversity by opening our campus for students to bring traditional dishes, prepare musical performances and promote cultural awareness.

This year our Culture Day has been exceptionally fun, and we had outstanding performances from our students. Everyone put in so much effort, and they were all super excited to share a piece of their home country with their mates. It was truly special seeing how proud the students were of their roots and interested to learn more about their peers.

The students were grouped according to their culture and had to prepare a presentation. Each group was assisted by a teacher, who taught specific vocabulary to describe things correctly to the audience. To enhance their presentation, the students also brought typical dishes, played traditional songs and promoted a quick cultural workshop.

By the end of the day, our teachers gave awards to each country according to their performance in specific areas. The winners of our 2019 Culture Day edition were:

  • Best Energy – Colombia
  • Best Decoration – Mexico
  • Best Food – Thailand
  • Best PowerPoint – Korea/Japan
  • Best Workshop – Korea/Japan
  • Best Performance – China
  • Best Costume – Chile
  • Best Music – Colombia

Apart from the winners of the group awards, we also had individual prizes for three very talented individuals:

  • Lina (China) for her wonderful lyrical singing presentation
  • Stephania (Colombia) for her beautiful and enthusiastic song performance
  • Eric (China) for an outstanding Kung Fu demonstration

But there was a group that has stood out for exceptional decoration, costume, food, enthusiasm, presentation and performance. The ultimate winner of our party was:

  • Best All-Round – Thailand

Check below some of the highlights of this wonderful party.

Lina’s Performance

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