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The 4’s C’s of EAP: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication

Using the latest innovative research in Australia on transforming schools, researchers are taking creativity, critical reflections, communication and collaboration and giving teachers coherence makers to bridge the gaps between the ideals and the implementation in the classroom.  Times Academy is using this research from Dr Michael Anderson from the University of Sydney and work they have done in schools to provide the relevant frameworks and strategies to apply in learning that embed creativity, critical reflection, communication and collaboration to make quality a reality rather than an aspiration in learning. These studies use coherence makers called creativity cascades, critical reflection crucibles, communication crystals and collaboration circles to bring these models to fruition in the classroom.

At Times Academy these theories are being to put to the test in an innovative English for Academic Purposes class.  Differing from the original studies focus on children and their learning, this program is showing that there are real implications and successes for adult students preparing for tertiary education in Australia. 

 Times Academy is transforming English for Academic Purposes through this innovative and emerging practice.

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